The Basics In Carpet Cleaning Methods

It is wise to have basic knowledge about cleaning carpets. While you may not necessarily have to clean your carpets every day, you will need to maintain them on a regular basis. Proper maintenance and upkeep of carpeting can help prolong their life and quality.

Cleaning detergents or solutions do not necessarily have to be used on your carpet every week but regular vacuuming at least a couple times a week is strongly suggested. This prevents debris and dry dirt from settling deep into the carpet fibers if not attended to immediately. Also, vacuuming over the surface before any scheduled carpet cleaning, such as with the use of carpet steam cleaners, is a good practice.

Often, spot cleaning becomes a necessary chore, and this is done with the use of cleaning solutions applied to an area or surface with a stubborn stain. There are different kinds of chemicals and cleaning solutions available; be sure to read instructions and warnings, and make sure you are using the appropriate one for your carpet.

As for carpet cleaning machines, there are also different types specific to different material and methods. The first type is carpet steam cleaners. They remove dirt through heat and a mixture of water and chemicals applied over the carpet. A popular example of this machine would be the Hoover SteamVac with clean surge F5914-900.

There are also carpet shampooing machines available which release cleaning solutions whipped up into foam by fast-moving pads or brushes. The vigorous rubbing motion dislodges dirt and particles.

Dry cleaning, on the other hand does not use water. Instead, a mix of cleaning chemicals is spread over the carpet surface for a short period of time, after which a dry cleaning machine is used to suck up the dirt.

If you are going for carpet cleaning machines, they will have instructions included, so it should not be very difficult to figure out how to operate them. A basic understanding of your carpet’s material, and what works best in cleaning it, is great knowledge to keep with you.