How Your Body Works

How the Body Works:

The human body was designed as a finely tuned, beautiful machine. Built to self regulate, fuel, and balance itself from the rebuilding of cells during rest to breaking down food in the small intestine to savoring a deliciously juicy bite of watermelon. are amazing machines that accomplish amazing fetes every day, but to accomplish these things they need to be properly fueled. Without the proper food (fuel) and energy how can our bodies function properly. A car cannot run on sugary sodas and sweets. It needs a proper fuel like gasoline or electricity to run its engine; just as the human body needs whole, unprocessed foods to function properly.

Thousands of years ago humans were genetically programmed to crave calories. In a time when food was scarce and humans were expected to hunt and gather their own food. In fact a large part of their lives were dedicated simply to finding food. They would hunt and forage expending large amounts of energy just trying to feed themselves. They stored whatever calories and fat their bodies could, knowing that it would be needed later. In a society with busy multitasking lives, where food is available at the ready with a phone call to take out or fast food drive thru humans no longer need to store fat in the same way as our ancestors.

Knowledge is power and in a world that tries to market and advertise and steer you in whatever direction they need for you to buy their product, its important to know the truth. There are no amazing fat loss diets or pills or machines that you can take to fool your body.

For example, a diet that cut carbs will whittle the waist for a while, but in the end of the day its a diet and even the word diet implies temporary. Your body knows best and will eventually need those carbs and will let you know in more ways than one. Sometimes with halatocious, bad breath, or fatigue, if your body has no fuel to burn how is it suppose to function? Your thoughts become fuzzy, your brain function is down. You become irritable causing problems at work or with family and friends. Then, eventually you have a slice of whole wheat bread or cup of orange juice. You feel miraculously better and things begin to go back to normal along with gaining all that weight backthen some because your body now thinks that carbs are hard to come by so it better start storing extras. Like I said. You cant fool your body, its a beautiful machine. The best thing you can do is understand how and why your body works, by becoming your own mechanic for your machine. By understanding how to break down your machine, body, and seeing how all the cogs and bolts fit together you can rebuild your machine to function at the best its ever been!