Dragonfly Crib Bedding Sets for Girls and Boys

Green Dragonfly Crib Bedding Set

Dragonfly crib bedding sets are very trendy. They are versatile to use for both boys and girls. Since the nursery’s bedding is used as the main focal point of the room, it can be very fun to decorate with dragonflies. Using dragonflies in the nursery brings in a lot of different options. Dragonflies can be brightly colored or they can be light and pastel. They can be used with bold yellows and reds and blues, and they also fit well with greens and purples and pinks. They are very gender neutral and simple to use as a decor.

Purple Dragonfly Dreams Crib Bedding Set

Dragonfly crib bedding sets can be ruffly and girly or animated and cutesy. Decorating a nursery with dragonflies is easy. Painting the nursery with a neutral color that coordinates with the crib bedding can accentuate the bedding. Use simple window treatments that come with the bedding, or use plain matching colors to highlight the theme, too. Also, by adding some small dragonfly accents around the room, the room can feel very whimsical and lighthearted.

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Other ways to use the bedding for decorating include using a quilt rack or rod to display the quilt, making pillows out of the bedding and setting them on a shelf, and even using 2 mobiles: one for the crib and one to cut apart to create wall decorations.

A benefit of dragonfly crib bedding is that it is versatile for more than one child. Using the same bedding for all the children in a family is very cost effective. You can choose to paint the room a different coordinating color to make the room a bit different and yet still use the same fun bedding.

Dragonflies work well with other bug themes, too. By using ladybugs and butterflies and cute beetles, a nursery can feel very springlike and fun! There are many different dragonfly looks: sketched dragonflies, animated dragonflies, simple dragonflies, and complex dragonflies. For crib bedding sets, the simple dragonflies tend to be more common.

Using dragonflies with a garden theme or a pond theme works well, too. Dragonflies coordinate well with butterflies and flowers or with ducks and frogs and lilypads. Many different room decor materials that you can find a most major retailers have an abundance of supplies that coordinate well with dragonfly crib bedding sets.

Whether it is in a modern-styled nursery or in a classic baby nursery, dragonfly crib bedding sets are timeless.