When it comes to bedspreads there are two kinds: the type that covers a piece of furniture and the kind that protect trucks. While these bedspreads seem like two completely different animals, they have one thing in common ‘ a need for durability.

That’s correct. A good bedspread, whether it’s for a truck or a queen-sized pillow top needs to have an ability to stand up to some serious abuse. While this is absolutely the case for truck bed covers, it’s also true for teen bedspreads, children’s bedspreads and even comforters for adults.

When looking for either a truck bed cover or a perusing the pages of a bedspread catalog, there are some things to look for in both. These include correct size, durability, reputation and price. When these things all come together to point to an ideal purchase, the right bedspread has been found.

Those on the hunt for either will find there are some great choices on the market and some real duds, as well. Let’s look at some tips for seeking out the best in both.

Anyone shopping for the best in these will find there are a whole lot of choices. From Thomasville bedspreads to Disney Pluto bedspreads for the kids, the choices are many. Chenille bedspreads are also popular choices, as are arts and crafts bedspread designs and even southwestern bedspreads. While style should be a consideration, it’s not necessarily the biggest, or it shouldn’t be.

No matter the style chosen, it’s a good idea for anyone looking at bedspreads to consider the make, the quality and even the name brand to ensure a buy that will last for more than a few days. From king bedspreads to that chenille bedspread with the frilly pink ruffle, there are good choices and there are bad ones, too.

Truck bed covers

Just like their softer counterparts, these too come in a variety of sizes and styles. From hard truck bed covers to Retrax bed cover models, there are all kinds of options. Those on the market for one should consider not only pricing and fit, but also durability. is especially so for anyone who plans to haul things in their truck. It’s a good idea to research these purchase well and even look for consumer reports on how different makes and models stood up under the pressures of hauling.

While bedspreads and truck bed covers don’t seem to have a lot in common the surface, their buyers should demand the same things. Look for quality and durability and the end result will likely be a good buy.