Get a Job Through Facebook

Ok sure… I know what your thinking.  Seriously, I can get a job by going to Facebook?  The answer in most cases is YES!  You just have to know where to look.  Think about it every day there are a ton of people just like you thinking that Monster, Indeed, CareerBuilder, Dice, SimplyHired, and the local paper are the only way to go!  That’s not true at all if you know where to look on Facebook.

Facebook is growing so fast and many corporations are thinking to themselves how can I connect with an audience that is ready to buy my products and maybe even work for our company.  Standard logic tells us that if a person likes a product on Facebook they probably would like to work full time supporting the product as well!  So many people miss out on trying to get their dream jobs by applying online and not even thinking about the possibility of having Facebook be an option to connect with Google, Levis, Abercrombie, or Nerf!

So here is the first step in getting the dream job you’ve always wanted.  Go to Facebook fan page with the attitude of “I’m going to make myself stand out with a great post on their wall and start a conversation”.  Once you have the conversation started with the company you have started getting them thinking this person has a great attitude and loves our product.  This could be a person that Get a Job Through Facebook on our Fan Page!

The next step is to go to their website and see if they have any openings available in what your interested in.  After seeing an opportunity mention in your currently flowing conversation on the companies Facebook wall that you’re an “accountant” and you noticed and opening in their “accounting department”.  By this point they can’t break off the conversation and will more than likely tell you who to send the resume to directly instead of having you fill out the standard application first!  Remember life is all about connections.  Make sure to us social media to connect yourself to your dream job!