Common Interior Design Mistakes to Avoid

Decorating a house can be quite a daunting task. From deciding the colours to paint the walls to the kind of furniture to get is a tough job. The numerous choices available in the market do not make the process easier, instead they tend to confuse the buyer as they often pick up the furniture or home décor accessories, which might look good in the store but might not really suit in the house. There are various such interior design mistakes that people tend to make which can be avoided by either hiring a professional interior designer but if budget is a concern then the following mistakes need to be avoided.

4 mistakes to avoid in interior designing

One of the most common mistake people tend to make is to run straight for the furniture store without actually measuring the room that needs to be designed and decorated. It is recommended that before buying furniture based solely on the floor plan, it is wise to live in the space for some time to get an idea. You can also ask interior design companies for better idea.

Also the excitement of a new house means home owners go all out and buy everything in a single day. But they often tend to get matching stuff which might look clichéd or at best average. By taking time to shop home owners can take a more layered process towards decorating.

Another common mistake that most home owners make is not to pick the right paint or colour. Usually most people tend to pick pale colours but it needs to be kept in mind that while painting larger spaces the wall colour needs more tonal depths. If the house has an open plan then a slight dark colour can be chosen compared to a smaller room. Also it is recommended to buy furniture after the paint colours of the rooms are picked out. If needed, discuss the issue with interior design companies in Dubai.

Another common mistake is that home owners tend to over furnish their rooms and houses and it might end up looking like a dumping ground for furniture and accessories. Rooms should allow movement and flow and not feel cramped. Also clutter must be avoided to allow a sense of balance, order, calm and movement to the space. Clutter can act as a distraction. Clutter can be avoided by making a list of things that are really important, things that you cannot do without and things that can be removed. Do away with the list of things that are not so important. The above said simple tips can help avoid mistakes while doing the interiors of a space.